Welding of Containers and Frame Structures

When a welding process (such as brazing) is used to seal a buoy or the end of a hollow structure, in order to prevent hot air from entering the vessel and causing the vessel to burst during the final sealing of the weld, what should we do? 

Firstly, a pressure relief hole with a diameter of 1.5mm is drilled on the buoy to facilitate the flow of hot air and external air near the weld. Then the sealing welding is carried out, and the sealing pressure relief hole is finally welded. The seal welded buoy or sealed container is illustrated in Fig. 2.  Pressure relief hole can also be used when welding the structure of gas storage vessels. It should be noted that welding in sealed vessels is very dangerous. Before welding, it is necessary to ensure that the inside of vessels or pipes is clean and to avoid the presence of inflammable and explosive materials or gases.


When the shield, wire mesh or extended metal are welded to the steel frame by gas shielded arc welding, flux cored wire gas shielded arc welding or tungsten argon arc welding, the metal wire mesh is easy to burn through and the weld seam is not fused. How to deal with it?

(1)   Place a non-metallic washer on the wire mesh or extended metal and clamp the washer, wire mesh and frame together. Chromium or galvanized gaskets are not allowed. Uncoated gaskets should be used. See Figure 3 (a).

(2)   A larger washer is placed on the upper part of the washer in the welded position as a heat sink. The upper washer should have a larger hole than the lower washer to avoid the upper washer being welded together. Then plug welding is carried out through the two holes of the gasket, so that the weld seam is in the lower gasket part. Operators can take some other methods to get enough heat and weld. Attention should be paid to prevent the surrounding screen or wire mesh from burning through. See Figures 3 (b) and (c).

(3) Another method is to use a metal strip with holes, align the holes to the parts that need to be welded, and place a heat dissipation gasket, then plug welding, as shown in Figure 3 (d).


Recommended Welding Machine:

MIG -270_

Flux-cored self-shielding Welding Machine MIG-270

MIG -350_

Inverter CO2 Gas Shielded Welding Machine MIG-350


Inverter DC Pulse Argon Arc Welding Machine WSM-400 (TIG-400)

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