Welding Machine Training Completed Successfully


This week, sales and after-sales personnel took a week of welding machine training.

This time, we mainly focus on the customer’s concerns in the practical application of the welding machine, the solution of the welding machine failure, how to better realize the function of the welding machine, and carry out specific training by technical department. Not only can the sales staff better understand our products, but also is conducive to recommend customers with better machines upon their needs.

traingingwelding machine training


Hot sales welders:

MMA welder:

mma 200 250

CO2 gas shielded welder:

mig 270 integral

Flux core self-shielding welding machine:

mig 250 5kg

Argon arc welder TIG series:

tig 200 250

In this training meeting, a five-in-one machine is introduced, which integrates plasma cutting, gas shielded welding, manual welding, argon arc welding and flux core self-shielded welding. It’s powerful functions are greatly convenient for customers with various needs to truly realize a multi-purpose.

LGK 120 plasma cutting MMG MIG welding_

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Post time: Jun-01-2019