Welding And Cutting Machine Live Show Was Completed Successfully

Welding And Cutting Machine Live Show On Alibaba Was Completed Successfully 


On July 31, 2020, our company Yomi held a trade live show through the Alibaba International Station platform in our showroom.



In this live show, our company showed welding machine and portable cutting machine. The welding machines include simple and portable household types as well as high-power industrial types. There are models for welding plates and models for welding studs. Some models also have a variety of current sizes to choose from, which can meet the various needs of customers.

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Flux Core Welder MIG-250(120A/140A/200A)
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MIG-500 (Split Type)

   Integral type double pulse MIG-500             
400 RSN-2500
DC Pulse TIG Welding Machine TIG-400 
       Arc Stud Welder RSN-2500                      
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Industry grade welding machine MMA-400H

  Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine      

In addition, we invited a five-star master to show the welding process and portable cutting process on site, so that customers can really feel the strength of the machine.





Through the efforts of all the staff and the meticulous arrangement of the venue, the live show effect was remarkable, which was unanimously recognized by the audience.

If you are interested in our live show, please click here: https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=2350c0ad-45b5-411f-b0b1-e404b91652be&scene=replay

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Post time: Aug-04-2020