Plasma power source is the key to the plasma cutting machine, which directly influences the cutting effect of workpiece. Then how to choose the most suitable plasma power source? Please pay attention to the following points.

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First of all, we need to understand the actual need. Plasma cutting power is divided into two kinds: plasma power supply for machine use and handheld plasma power supply. Usually CNC cutting machine is equipped with machine use plasma power supply. And according to the arc striking mode, the plasma power supply has two kinds: contact arc and non-contact (button) arc. For the use of CNC cutting machine, non-contact arc starting method should be selected. To determine the arc way of plasma power, we can see if there is a button on the hand torch.Generally speaking, the plasma power supply with current greater than 100A is non-contact arc starting mode, and this kind of plasma power is usually belongs to the machine use plasma cutting power, because the radiation of it is severe,so its impact on the operator is relatively large.

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Secondly, we also need to select plasma power according to the thicknessof the cutting material. Different plasma cutting power supply has different price due to the power. The greater the power, the higher the power consumption and the price. It is considered from the aspects of cost.


Thirdly,We also need to choose the types and manufacturers of plasma power according to the quality requirements of the cut section. For plasma cutting, because the top of the melting mouth is big, the bottom is small, the incision section always has a certain slope. So it can’t be vertical as flame cutting, this is a world wide problem. The average plasma cutting angle is 15 degrees. According to the verticality and cutting precision of the cutting section, the plasma power supply is divided into ordinary plasma, fine plasma and laser like plasma. The prices of these grades are far from each other.

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Fourth,The plasma power supply has inverter type and SCR type, the former is light.

Fifth, Plasma power supply, can be used for manual cutting, can also be used for matching with CNC cutting machine. Inorder to realize the cutting torch clamping on the cutting machine, we should require straight shank torch equipped on CNC cutting machine.



Lastly,about the length of the cable, we need to consider the distance of the torch and plasma power in cutting process of the wide range. But if the cable is too long, it will reduce its arcing, piercing and cutting capacity.

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