• Post time: Aug-04-2020

    Welding And Cutting Machine Live Show On Alibaba Was Completed Successfully    On July 31, 2020, our company Yomi held a trade live show through the Alibaba International Station platform in our showroom.   In this live show, our company showed welding machine and portable cutting mach...Read more »

  • Post time: Jul-16-2020

    Plasma power source is the key to the plasma cutting machine, which directly influences the cutting effect of workpiece. Then how to choose the most suitable plasma power source? Please pay attention to the following points.   First of all, we need to understand the actual need. Plasma cutt...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-04-2020

    After the COVID-19 epidemic recovered, Yomi’s orders have been increasing. In order not to delay customers’ project schedule, our workers have been working overtime. There are many sets of equipments will be completed this week. Today,  two sets of pipe  cnc plasma cutting machines ha...Read more »

  • Post tempus, Feb-25-2020

    MMXX initio sumus per bellum. Omni die de novo coronavirus peripleumonicis nuntium multum facit ad corda omnium Chinese populus in ver tribuisti ferias extensio, aut respectum ad opus et schola, suspensio exsecutionis decreti palam in translationem, Agricola, et De E ...Read more »

  • Alius Tabula Plasma Pure SA messorem, de CELLA
    Post dies: Sep-21-2019

    This week, another desktop plasma cutter was delivered from the warehouse.     This table type plasma cutting machine is a special plasma cutting machine for sheet metal. It can be used to cut metal sheet of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals. The sp...Read more »

  • Pellentesque Machina in Tanzania Customer Promptus esse libera
    Post dies: Sep-16-2019

    Nunc quod ad ritum Tanzanian apparatus negotium mos esse et parata ad partum. Tabulae pictae, sicut sequitur: (Customer albo-certa specie) De venenatis cnc plasma et flamma sectione apparatus specialiter disposito metallum laminam amputatis testiculis est, et inest quaedam altus ...Read more »

  • Alius MDXXX Tabula CAESUS Machina misit Customer Plasma Pure
    Post dies: Aug-16-2019

    Today, One set of 1530 table plasma cutting machine for metal sheet is delivered from the Johannesburg warehouse. The following photos are from the loading site.   The 1530 table plasma metal sheet cutting machine is one of the main inquiring products for local sheet metal processing. It i...Read more »

  • Secans Machina misit Customer mensam Plasma Pure
    Post dies: Aug-09-2019

    This week, a 1530 table plasma cutter was sent to a local customer’s factory in South Africa. Thanks to professional communication and convenient inspection conditions, the customer order process was very fast. After preliminary communication, the customer visited the machine and confirme...Read more »

  • Technology se ferre coepit Hodie MILVUS EXPO, Industrial
    Post dies:-24-2019 Iul

    Today the industrial Technology Exhibition begins.     This exhibition lasts for three days. Yomi South African team brought the welding machines, portable plasma cutting machines, air compressors, electric drills and other power tools to the show. Our booth number is Hall 5 – S...Read more »

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