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    plasma cutter, cnc cutting machine, laser cutter, shearing machine, bending machine, MMA TIG MIG welders
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    plasma cutter, laser cutter, CNC cutting machine, MMA MIG TIG welders, shearing machine, bending machine
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  • In early June, the company ushered in a s...
    After the COVID-19 epidemic recovered, Yomi’s orders have been increasing. In order not to delay customers’ project schedule, our workers have been working overtime. There are many sets of equipments will ...
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  • کچھ بھی نہیں کے لئے خوف، ہم جیت جنگ ول!
    At the beginning of 2020, we are going through a war. Every day, a lot of news about new coronavirus pneumonia affects the hearts of all Chinese people, the extension of the Spring Festival holiday, the postponement o...
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  • ایک اور میز پلازما کٹر SA گودام سے بھیج دیا
    Another Table Plasma Cutter Delivered Fro...
    This week, another desktop plasma cutter was delivered from the warehouse.     This table type plasma cutting machine is a special plasma cutting machine for sheet metal. It can be used to cut metal sheet ...
    مزید پڑھ
  • Gantry مشینی تنزانیا کسٹمر تیار پہنچا دینا
    Gantry Machine for Tanzania Customer Read...
    The gantry machine ordered by the Tanzanian customer has been commissioned and ready for delivery. The pictures are as follows:  (Customer-specified white appearance )   The Gantry CNC plasma and flame cutting ma...
    مزید پڑھ
  • ایک اور 1530 ٹیبل پلازما کٹنگ مشین گاہک کو بھیجا
    Another 1530 Table Plasma Cutting Machine...
    Today, One set of 1530 table plasma cutting machine for metal sheet is delivered from the Johannesburg warehouse. The following photos are from the loading site.   The 1530 table plasma metal sheet cutting mach...
    مزید پڑھ
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