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  • Fish Scale Welding
    Post time: 10-20-2018

    Fish scale welding represents the highest level of welders in the industry and, of course, with the highest salary.  As a matter of fact, it is not difficult to understand fish-scale welding, because the surface after welding looks like fish-scale.  The picture is: fish scale welding product...Read more »

  • How to choose the plasma power source
    Post time: 10-11-2018

    Plasma power source is the key to the plasma cutting machine, which directly influences the cutting effect of workpiece. Then how to choose the most suitable plasma power source? Please pay attention to the following points.           First of all, we need to understand the actual need. Plasma c...Read more »

  • Brass Welding Technology
    Post time: 09-29-2018

    ​ Brass welding methods inculde gas welding, carbon arc welding, manual arc welding and argon arc welding. 1. Gas welding of brass Because of the low flame temperature of gas welding, the evaporation of zinc in brass is less than that in electric welding, so gas welding is the most commonly used...Read more »

  • Fault Treatment of Cutting Nozzle of CNC Flame Cutting Machine
    Post time: 09-27-2018

                    In the use of CNC Flame cutting machine, in addition to know the hardware equipment and master the operation process, we also need to have a certain understanding of the quality stability of wearing parts and accessories. Cutting nozzle is o...Read more »

  • Red Copper Welding Technology
    Post time: 09-27-2018

    Red copper welding technology welding red copper (commonly known as industrial pure copper) methods include gas welding, manual carbon arc welding, manual arc welding and manual argon arc welding and other methods. Automatic welding can also be used for large structures. 1. gas welding of copper...Read more »

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