Requirements of Aluminum Alloy Welding Technology


First of all, from the point of view of welding equipment, if MIG/MAG welding machine is used, it must have the function of single pulse or double pulse. The best result is the dual pulse function. Dual pulse is the superposition of high frequency pulse and low frequency pulse, which is modulated by low frequency pulse. In this way, the double pulse current is fixed and periodically switched between the peak current and the base current at the frequency of low-frequency pulse, thus forming regular fish scale in the weld.

Secondly, in the welding process, the following matters should be paid attention to:

First, the surface of aluminium alloy should be cleaned up before welding. All dust and oil must be removed. Acetone can be used to clean the surface of aluminium alloy welds. For thick aluminium alloy, steel brush should be used to clean, and then acetone to clean.

Second, the welding wire material used should be as close as possible to the base metal. Whether to choose aluminium-silicon or aluminium-magnesium welding wire depends on the requirements of the welding seam. In addition, Al-Mg wire can only be used to weld Al-Mg material, while Al-Si wire can be used to weld Al-Si material as well as Al-Mg material.

Thirdly, when the plate is thicker, it should be preheated beforehand. Otherwise, it is prone to weld impermeability. When arc closing, the pit should be filled by small current arc closing.

Fourth, in tungsten argon arc welding, DC argon arc welding machine should be used, and alternating use of forward and reverse AC and DC. The forward DC power is used to clean the oxide mould on the surface of aluminium, and the reverse DC power is used for welding.

In addition, it should be noted that the welding specification should be set according to the thickness of the plate and the requirements of the weld. MIG welding should use special aluminum wire feeding wheel and Teflon guide pipe, otherwise aluminum chip will be produced. The length of welding torch cable should not be too long. The aluminum wire is soft and the long welding torch cable will affect the stability of wire feeding.

Recommended Welding Machine: 

MIG MAG 500单脉冲

MIG/MAG-500 High Speed Single Pulsed MIG Welding Machine

MIG MAG 500  双脉冲

MIG/MAG-500 High Speed Dipulse MIG Welding Machine

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