• Red Copper Welding Technology
    Post time: Sep-27-2018

    Red copper welding technology welding red copper (commonly known as industrial pure copper) methods include gas welding, manual carbon arc welding, manual arc welding and manual argon arc welding and other methods. Automatic welding can also be used for large structures. 1. gas welding of copper...Read more »

  • Welding and Cutting Power Source
    Post time: Sep-26-2018

      I. Welding Power Source YoMi welding machine adopts the most advanced inverter technology andmicroelectronics technology, which is a precise resistance welding equipment,has features of precise control, process flexibility and energy saving,efficient, stable, easy to operate. MMA Welder Serie...Read more »

  • Round Pipe Beveling Machine Shipped to UAE
    Post time: Sep-20-2018

      Yesterday, our company’s round pipe cutting and beveling machine was loaded and shipped to the United Arab Emirates after several days of design, processing, assembly, commissioning and rigorous trial production inspection. This machine is especially for steel structure construction, oil&...Read more »

  • Round Pipe Cutting Machine Sent to Domestic Customer
    Post time: Sep-14-2018

      Yesterday, the Round pipe cutting machine ordered by a domestic customer was loaded and sent to the customer factory.   This round pipe cutting machine can cut carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials of pipe, widely used in pressure vessels, pipe processing, grid structure, steel st...Read more »

  • Customers Visiting Yomi Cutting Machine
    Post time: Sep-13-2018

    With the continuous innovation of R&D technology and the continuous expansion of the international market, Shandong Yomi Intelligent Science and Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. has attracted more and more foreign customers’ attention. In September 12th, Thailand customers visited our com...Read more »

  • Multi-function Pipes Cutting Machine Delivered on Schedule
    Post time: Sep-07-2018

    Recently, one Multi-function pipes cutting machine customized for a domestic customer is loaded to deliver to customer factory after satisfying cutting test. This all pipes cutting machine can cut round, square pipes of carbon steel,stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metals, therefore it’s w...Read more »

  • Almighty 360 Production Line Delivered and Finished Installation
    Post time: Sep-05-2018

        ​     Recently, Domestic customer started the installation of the almighty 360 production line ordered from our company. The following is the scene picture sent by our after sales engineers:   The almighty 360 production line can realize automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic conve...Read more »

  • Two Round pipe Cutting Machines Finished Installation
    Post time: Sep-03-2018

    At the end of last month, two sets of round pipe cutting and beveling machines customized for our domestic customers have been finished installation and commissioning. And have been put into production. The Production Department of our company delivers the equipments on time, and the after-sales...Read more »

  • International Good News | Shaped Pipe CNC Plasma Cutting Beveling Machine/ Argentina Case.
    Post time: Aug-28-2018

      On August 27th, the installation and commissioning of the special-shaped pipe groove cutting robot purchased by the Argentine customer was completed and officially put into production.   According to the communication, the customer has been using manual cutting. This time, they received a ...Read more »

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