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In addition to your personal gear and torches there is a variety of welding equipment in use today. The type of equipment a welder uses will depend on what they are going to use it for and the type of welding they will do.

Welding equipment will be used to do whatever type of welding the welder does. They can include customized accessories or it can mean you will use a special type of brazer or cutting tool, depending on the type of metal you will work with or the type of welding to be done.

You may need a welding machine or other accessories depending on what you need. As an example, you might want lift devices tables or turntables and special fixtures or heating devices for bigger projects. This will all depend on what you are welding.

It may seem obvious that the individual who does welding as a hobby to perform small repair or restoration projects at home would use different equipment from the person who does welding as a profession. However, some of the types of equipment will be the same but it just might be in a different form.

As an example, an acetylene torch is used in welding whether the individual is doing a job or making jewelry. However, the type of torch will be different, but it will provide the same function.

Welding equipment will include torches, but also gases and safety equipment, and all of this will depend on the type of welding the welder will do. Arc welding will require different equipment than someone who is a plasma cutter. Both will require helmets of some sort that stop UV radiation and sparks from getting onto clothing and into the eyes or on the skin.

There are also gases that some forms of welding use and these will depend on the type of welding that is being done. However, they can be bought as single tanks or duo tanks and they can contain one gas or a mixture of gases.

Welding wire and electrodes are an important part of welding equipment because they are what create the spark that is needed in the torch. Depending on the welding gun and the process you are doing, you will either use an electrode that goes into the gun and is continuously fed for the entire process or a wire that does the same.

When you are considering welding equipment you can buy it new or used and you can lease or rent it. This will depend on the type of job that you are doing. If you have a temporary job to do it may be better to rent or lease the equipment. If you are going to work over time in the same type of welding, you may want to purchase your equipment new or used.

When you are first starting out as a welder, it may be a good idea to talk to people who have been in the trade longer to see what types of equipment they use. They can be of help to you with what you should purchase for the job.

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